Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Automatic Assembly (8/16)

Dedicated assembly systems, compared with flexible assembly systems, are generally intolerable of defective parts.  It has proved effective to install a 100% inspection station prior to the workhead to maintain up-time in some installations.

The ease with which a part can be presented to a workhead automatically at the required feed rate, and assembled within the specified cycle time, depends upon the; design of the part, design of the equipment, and the method of assembly. Each element of assembly automation has it's own maximum performance characteristic. For example, the cycle time of a pick and place unit depends upon the degrees of freedom, the actuator stroke and the actuating medium, i.e. compressed air, hydraulic oil, DC servo motor. A feeder  is limited by its maximum conveying velocity and the insertion process is affected by the positional accuracy of the rotary table, robot, or platen location.

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